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Zakiya Savannah Breeding Queen


Brown Spotted F1 Savannah
Sire: My Massai of Hotspotexotics - Serval
Dam: Aalspotz Alice - Serengeti

Zakiya - with her beautiful Serval like markings, her amazing type, and her pretty face, we can hardly believe she is ours. She is living proof that dreams can come true!

Her temperament is unbelievable, she is sweet, gentle and affectionate, always asking for cuddles and purring loudly whenever she has your attention. She has walked into a house full of cats, strange people and a large dog and instantly made herself at home. We have to thank Rosanne and George of Hotspotexotics for this incredible girl, and would highly recommend their Serval cubs and Early Generation Savannahs, all raised with love, and all unbelievably "tame". No-one meeting Zakiya would ever believe her father is a Serval, except for the fact that she looks like one!


Brown Spotted F1 Savannah
Sire: My Massai of Hotspotexotics - Serval
Dam: Simplystunning Jelani

Imari is one of the most beautiful F1 girls I have ever seen, a large girl, very friendly, absolutely stunning to look at, and she's always purring. She is so like a Serval, with amazing spotting and contrast, as well as a really short thick tail.

 Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, and she is happy to give everyone a cuddle.  She is a true ambassador for the breed, with the real "wow" factor.

Imari Savannah Cat breeding queen

Mawu Savannah Cat


Brown Spotted F1 Savannah
Sire: My Massai of Hotspotexotics - Serval
Dam: Simplystunning Jelani

Mawu is the full sister of Imari, from a repeat mating. Another stunning girl - and she even has a black nose! She will play fetch all day, bringing back anything I throw for her, from a tiny fur mouse to a heavy dog toy. She makes it very difficult to walk downstairs, weaving around my legs, and will succeed in tripping me up one day. She is growing fast, and I'm hoping she equals Imari in size. 

Aalspotz Mamma Mia Savannah breeding queen


Silver Spotted F2 Savannah
Sire: Aalspotz Ozzie
Dam: Hotspotsexotics Zakiya

What can I say - long long legs, a lovely short tail, a small head, the clearest silver and beautiful spots. You can clearly see her Serval background, and I have to smile everytime I look at her.

She loves to play, will give you a head butt and rub around your legs, and enjoys being stroked. She doesn't like being picked up, although she will allow it if necessary. She just doesn't enjoy it!

No matter how long you have been breeding, there are always surprises - and Mia was an amazing one. She has grown into a cat that gets a "Wow" from everyone that sees her - and I can't believe how lucky I am to have this lovely girl. 


Silver spotted F2 Savannah
Sire: Merit - Silver Egyptian Mau
Dam: Bellehollow Pearl - F1 Savannah

Neytiri arrived in the UK in February 2011, at the age of 10 months. She is an F2 Savannah, meaning one of her grandfathers is a Serval. She is a very pretty girl, with a clear silver coat, excellent contrast, large high-set ears and the teardrops and black nose of the Serval.

She has had several litters since she has been here, producing some lovely sons that have grown into big affectionate boys, as well as a couple of very pretty daughters.

Netti is a gentle girl, inquisitive and playful - her favourite toy  is the laser mouse.   A real sweetheart!

Neytiri Savannah Cat breeding queen

Aalspotz Fakhira Savannah Cat


Brown Spotted F2 Savannah
Sire: Aalspotz Ozzie
Dam: Hotspotsexotics Zakiya

Leggy is a real sweetheart, a very gentle, affectionate girl with stunning good looks. She has lovely markings, with her large jet  black spots, and she also has excellent type.  Her ears are large, well set, and have very clear ocelli.  Her legs are long, her tail is short, and she is very graceful when she moves.

She is very dog-like in her behaviour, following me everywhere whenever she gets the chance. She loves to play chase and fetch, and also enjoys cuddles. I'm hoping for some lovely kittens in 2017.

AALSPOTZ roxy music

Silver Spotted F3 Savannah
Sire: Preciousavannah Ra of Aalspotz
Dam: Aalspotz Mamma Mia

Roxy has inherited her mother's lovely head, with large upright ears set high on her head, nicely set eyes, and a good overall shape. She is a nice clear silver, with lovely individual spots, and she's a very pretty girl.

She is full of energy, bouncing around the house as if she is on springs, and is always ready for a game. She is a head-butting, leg weaving girl, full of affection, and although I had no intention of keeping her somehow she is still here..........
Aalspotz Roxy Music Savannah Cat

Aalspotz Loopy Lou Savannah Cat

aalspotz ishtar

Brown Spotted F7C Savannah
Sire: Preciousavannah Ra of Aalspotz
Dam:  Aalspotz Icy Spice

Ishtar is a later generation girl with lovely type, with her long legs, excellent ears and eyes, and beautiful markingsl. She is a pretty girl, who always enjoys a game.

She's a very sweet girl, and has a lovely litter of 8 beautiful kittens available early 2017 - see the Kittens page for further details.

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