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About Us


Our names are Paul and Sue Threapleton and we live in a small village in East Yorkshire, close to the M62 and the M18. We have both spent our lives surrounded by animals, and have been successfully breeding and showing for many, many years.

We have had many Championship Best in Show wins with not only Cats, but Belgian Hares, Fancy Rats and even Mice!  We are established 'fanciers' with an enviable track record in exhibiting animals and we are currently working with cavies (guinea pigs) alongside our Savannah cats.


After several years of breeding and showing Ocicats and Egyptian Maus, and making up many Champions and Grand Champions, we sought a new challenge. We quickly found that all of the breeds that attracted us had two things in common - a desire for human interaction and spots! The Savannah Cat was the obvious choice. We now concentrate on this beautiful breed, and with help and support from good friends we are lucky enough to have some beautiful Early Generation girls from which we can produce stunning cats.  We also have some lovely later generation Savannahs.


We pride ourselves on breeding for health, temperament and stunning good looks. We  do not always have kittens available, but enquiries are always welcome.  Occasionally we may also have older cats available for loving permanent homes.

Aalspotz is a registered GCCF and TICA prefix.  The Aalspotz name, text and photographs on this website are strictly copyright © of Paul and Sue Threapleton and we ask that you do not use any content without our prior permission.
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